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Pilot Company worked with Wavicle and AWS for faster access to store-level inventory data, which they use to track customer preference trends, understand supply and demand, and make shelf-stocking decisions.
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Faster access to store-level inventory data

Accelerating Store-Level Speed to Insight for Pilot Company

Pilot Company demands fast access to store-level inventory data

Pilot Company serves 1.3 million road warriors across the country each day with a mission to make the driving experience the best it can be. It is essential that this leading supplier of fuel and operator of travel centers optimizes the inventory in each of its locations to satisfy every customer profile, from the professional truck driver to the family traveler.


That’s why Pilot Company teamed with AWS Advanced Consulting Partner Wavicle Data Solutions to modernize its store-level reporting. Together, Wavicle and Pilot optimized the company’s reporting solutions using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide store managers with the most updated information possible to track and manage inventory and ensure the right products are available when they are needed.


Slow data detours store managers

Pilot processes more than 30 different types of transactional files from point of sale (POS) systems at gas pumps, restaurants, and markets across more than 750 locations every day.


Each night, this data was consolidated in an on-premises data warehouse so store-level reports could be sent back to store managers. These reports were needed to identify store trends, understand supply and demand, and make shelf-stocking decisions. However, the system was slow, and store managers didn’t receive the reports quickly enough. In many cases, they would have already manually assessed inventory by the time they received the reports.


AWS powers fast data integration   

Pilot Company knew that an AWS infrastructure would deliver the scalability and speed it needed. Pilot partnered with Wavicle, an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner with a focus on cloud data and analytics solutions, for expert assistance to architect an improved solution.


Wavicle worked with Pilot to architect a “future-proof” two-pronged solution built in the cloud from the ground up, giving store managers rapid access to insights through daily batch reports.


The solution leverages an Amazon Aurora database along with AWS Glue, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, and Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), which deliver faster processing and self-service insights.



This new solution accelerates Pilot’s access to data and insights for decision-making and provides the scalability Pilot needs to bring new stores into the environment easily.


Store managers now have two ways of managing store inventory and operations. A daily batch reporting solution provides inventory data delivered shortly after store closing time. In addition, a dashboard solution provides fast, self-service insights about store sales so managers can identify trends and anomalies quickly.


Using AWS Managed Services, Pilot Company minimizes the maintenance demands and cost of the solution.  


About Pilot Company

Pilot Travel Centers LLC (“Pilot Company”) keeps North America’s drivers moving as one of the leading suppliers of fuel and the largest operator of travel centers. Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Pilot Company has grown its network to more than 870 locations serving an average of 1.3 million guests per day and providing over 70,000 fleet customers with solutions for fuel, credit, factoring, services and rewards. Pilot Company has the third largest tanker fleet in North America with over 1,500 trucks that supply approximately 14 billion gallons of fuel per year and provide hauling and disposal services to the oil field sector. As a fuel and energy leader, Pilot Company is the largest provider of biodiesel and renewable fuels and is paving the way to the future by developing an EV charging network and low carbon fueling alternatives. Its Pilot and Flying J travel center network includes over 750 locations in 44 states and six Canadian provinces with more than 790 restaurants, 77,000 truck parking spaces, 5,500 deluxe showers, 6,300 diesel lanes and truck maintenance and tire service with Southern Tire Mart at Pilot Company. The One9 Fuel Network provides smaller fleets and independent professional drivers with a variety of fueling locations that offer everyday value, convenience, credit and perks. More information on locations and rewards is available in the myRewards Plus app.  


Pilot Company is a majority owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. For additional information about Pilot Company, its 30,000 team members and commitment to giving back, visit


About Wavicle

Wavicle Data Solutions provides award-winning cloud data and analytics solutions that accelerate value, reduce risk, and empower our clients to make smart, data-driven decisions. We combine deep technical expertise and industry knowledge with proprietary automation tools to support the rapid shift to modern data architectures and real-time insights. Today’s executives need more visibility into their businesses, faster than ever, and we help them get it. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Chicago, Wavicle has been recognized as an Inc. 5000 company four years running and is a multi-year recipient of the Chicago Tribune’s Top Workplace award. Wavicle is also an NMSDC-certified MBE. For more information, visit