Snowflake News Roundup: A Monthly Flurry by Wavicle

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We pride ourselves on making smart people even smarter, so when one of our premier data partners makes news or has an update, it’s critical we spread the word to keep you informed.


This is the first edition of a new monthly series, a roundup of some of the most impactful Snowflake news from around the industry. We know you’re far too busy to scour the internet yourself looking for stories, so fear not. Wavicle is here to handpick the most interesting data-driven developments for easy reading. Let’s get smarter together and dive right in:


Cybersecurity is a data problem. Snowflake wants to be part of the answer. (Protocol)

We all know and love Snowflake for its cloud data lake and data warehouse technology, but did you know it has implications for cybersecurity, too? More and more frequently, companies like Dropbox and DoorDash are turning to the platform to “correlate across a large number of disparate data sources,” an essential part of keeping valuable information secure. By enabling organizations to combine security data with other relevant data, Snowflake effectively sets the table for smarter threat detection and a greater awareness of breaches.


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Salesforce, Snowflake partnership moves customer data in real-time across systems (TechCrunch)

What happens when a top-tier CRM (Salesforce) meets a champion-level cloud data lake (Snowflake)? According to David Schmaier, Salesforce’s president and chief product officer, the combination may represent “the holy grail of online sales,” giving customers the ability to build personalized experiences at scale. It all comes down to setting up a customer data platform with a source that can provide real-time data (e.g., Snowflake).


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Snowflake, UiPath launch integration to automate data prep (TechTarget)

The exciting partnerships keep coming for Snowflake. Chief among these is UiPath, a global provider of robotic process automation software. Joint users of the two companies’ services will be able to “use UiPath’s robots to connect data to business process applications in Snowflake without using complex code to automate the data pipelines that inform those business processes.” Industry reaction, future potential, and more are all discussed in the feature.


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Snowflake, building data clouds around the world (ERP Today)

There’s no shortage of news about Snowflake and its unique abilities to unlock automatic scaling of storage, analytics, and workgroup resources for any job. Thanks for joining us as we hand-deliver some of the best headlines from the past 30 days. See you next month!


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