Snowflake News Roundup: A Monthly Flurry by Wavicle

Author: Wavicle Data Solutions

Are you doing the most to mobilize your data? If you’re not paying attention to the latest Snowflake insights, chances are you might miss a breakthrough that could change how you use data to do business.


In the second edition of our monthly Snowflake Roundup series, we’ve dug into the latest news from our top sources to bring you a mix of topics ranging from security and investments to case studies that are reinventing entire industries. And with Halloween upon us, we’ve included a few fun-sized recaps to help you get the perspectives you need to make smarter choices with your data:


How JetBlue’s integrated use of Snowflake and Fivetran is a model for the modern data stack (VentureBeat)

How can the Snowflake data stack offer the next evolutionary step of customer service and operational success? JetBlue has learned the answer first-hand. In an interview with VentureBeat, an IT leader for the airline discusses the concept of data as a product that meets the needs and simplifies the lives of end users. With Snowflake at the center of their stack, JetBlue can build reports and empower their decision-making processes with ease. Plus, their engineers now only spend 10% of their time testing, validating, and making data—the rest is all dedicated to ready-made analysis.


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Snowflake Achieves New HITRUST Risk-Based, 2-Year Certification to Manage Risk, Improve Security Posture, and Meet Compliance Requirements (Snowflake)

The healthcare sector calls for utmost vigilance in protecting highly sensitive data and staying compliant with strict standards and regulations, all while unlocking full data value. To support those in healthcare, Snowflake has just announced it has achieved HITRUST r2 certification for its Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud. Customers using this data cloud gain data protection and risk mitigation as well as the chance to increase care outcomes, efficiency, and innovation.


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Snowflake Ventures Takes Stake in Ad-Tech Consortium Open AP (Variety)

In another historic move this month, Snowflake has become the first non-publisher to take an ownership stake in cross-platform advertising firm OpenAP. Together, the two companies plan to launch a dedicated clean room solution, OpenAP Data Hub, to serve as a privacy-compliant centralized destination where publishers can store and share rich-but-anonymized cross-platform audience information. The clean room information will power more effective audiences for targeting and measurement.


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Why Snowflake Is Foundational for the Travel Sector’s Data Stack (VentureBeat)

In a conversation with two IT leaders from travel companies, VentureBeat isolated why Snowflake is so foundational to the core priorities of the industry. Travel companies generate a wealth of data, which they need for real-time visibility into booking and expenses, but also must protect with security controls within their data platforms. Their use of Snowflake enables them to bring data together from disparate sources in a way that expands their revenue, onboards more customers, and maintains the trust and satisfaction people want when they’re traveling.


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Snowflake is always evolving and changing what’s possible with data. If you don’t have the time to dig through resources on your own, we’ll have another roundup heading your way with our favorite reports and revelations next month!

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