Snowflake News Roundup: A Monthly Flurry by Wavicle

Author: Wavicle Data Solutions


Keeping up to date on Snowflake news can feel like a full-time job. If you’re searching for an easy-to-digest summary of the latest and greatest from the software giant, our Snowflake News Roundup is here to provide you with skimmable versions of the most important happenings.


In the third edition of our monthly Snowflake Roundup series, we dig into the latest news on topics ranging from app development and social program implementation to revenue performance optimization. Let’s dive in.


Developers Rejoice! Snowflake Is All in on Python, Pipelines, and Apps (Snowflake)

Developing in the Data Cloud just got easier. Snowflake’s latest release, Snowpark for Python, allows data engineers, data scientists, and developers to collaborate with other data teams while using Python to build their APIs — without manual installs, package dependency management, and the risk of data security roadblocks. Snowpark for Python empowers tech professionals to build data pipelines that can transform the entirety of their data. As a result, they can build and deliver custom analytics, uncover new insights, and enable customers to make data-driven investment decisions. Snowflake’s continued investments in Python allow users the flexibility to code in their programming language of choice, accelerating the speed of innovation for their customers’ end users.


How Data Solves Hospital System’s Pain Points (GCN)

Alexander Izaguirre, Chief Data Officer at NYC Health and Hospitals, the largest public health system in the U.S., has incorporated Snowflake into his cloud technology stack. Staff members at the health system have come to depend on Snowflake as a reliable data platform environment, and according to Izaguirre, the stack enables him to listen to the many pain points of 43,000 employees across hospitals and care systems, responding with greater speed and accuracy. Now, thanks in part to Snowflake, state and local agencies can better implement social programs by using decision-making figures in addition to fit-for-purpose data.


Snowflake Extends Disruptive Behavior from Data Cloud to App Dev (Acceleration Economy)

More money more problems? Not for Snowflake customers in the applications-development space. The software giant’s latest initiative, Snowflake Marketplace, helps developers deploy and monetize data-intensive applications directly into Snowflake’s Data Cloud. The Marketplace acts as a connecting point to securely install and run the apps they create and deploy within the Data Cloud, allowing users like Capital One Slingshot to rapidly deliver value to their customers. Another user, Blue Yonder, was able to increase their forecasting ability by 20X by running their applications in Snowflake’s Data Cloud. Besides being able to share insights and related data directly within the Data Cloud, financial services company FactSet now has the ability to advise its customers on how to launch their own digital transformations. Marketplace is a perfect example of Snowflake’s relentless pursuit of pushing breakthrough technologies into new markets.


Gong Partners with Snowflake to Help Customers Optimize Revenue Performance (Cision)

Even in the face of economic uncertainty, revenue teams and business leaders can confidently identify new opportunities for growth by utilizing Snowflake’s latest integration with Gong, the leader in revenue intelligence. This partnership will enable companies to securely combine AI-enriched customer data such as conversations and activity data during the sales journey from Gong’s Reality Platform with other datasets in their Snowflake instance. Ultimately, the integration provides customer-facing teams with a broader view of revenue performance and allows leaders to unlock insights needed to make agile decisions for successful results.


Orca Security, Powered by Snowflake, Brings Context-Rich Cloud Security to the Data Cloud (Business Wire)

The Powered by Snowflake program ignites a new partnership between Snowflake and Orca Security, the pioneer of agentless cloud security. Together they’ll bring Orca’s comprehensive coverage and visibility of cloud risks to the Snowflake Data Cloud. The integration allows mutual customers to rapidly identify and respond to cloud environment security threats—without transferring or duplicating data storage. Orca and Snowflake’s joint solution provides customers the ability to consolidate their security data without compromising on quality products.


Snowflake is constantly evolving and changing the way the world interacts with data. There’s no need for you to dig through the barrage of news updates—we’ll gather the most relevant headlines for you here again next month.

Until then, if you’re interested in learning more about one of the industry’s premier cloud-native MPP DBMS solutions, contact Wavicle today.