Clear and Actionable: Wavicle’s Winning Dashboard

Author: Wavicle Data Solutions

A great dashboard tells a clear story with actionable insights. Building that story was the goal for Wavicle’s team when they recently entered the Amazon QuickSight Partners Viz Challenge, a data visualization design competition on visual analytics and storytelling skills using Amazon QuickSight.


Their submission, which was ranked first of all dashboards from US-based teams and took third place overall, focuses on delivering analytics and insights for retailers utilizing vehicle vending machines (VVMs). Developed with Amazon QuickSight, the vehicle vending machine performance dashboard provides immediate and actionable intelligence leveraging six months of previous VVM sales data to identify current optimization opportunities and project future outcomes.


The dashboard infographic delivers key analytics to help retailers stock their VVMs to promote sales and profits. Leveraging data about the best-selling vehicle types, brands, colors, and fuel types, the dashboard offers clear direction for retailers to optimize their inventory. It also answers critical questions to help retailers maximize sales and profits for their VVMs and gain a competitive edge in the market.


What does an award-winning dashboard look like? Keep scrolling to check out the infographic dashboard for yourself.



QuickSight Viz Dashboard - Static


This dashboard reflects work from team leader Akhila Baddam, as well as Hari Rajan, Serge Andoh, Melissa Casole, Akshara Achrekar, Siddharth Arora, Joe Azer, and Rachitha Dhanraj.


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