Diving Deeper Into Tech Partnerships: A Q&A With Matthew Osland, Wavicle’s Director of Alliances 

Author: Wavicle Data Solutions

Being a top data analytics partner isn’t just about data. It also requires having a thorough understanding of the technology landscape and building relationships with partners that help ensure our customers can make the most of their technology investments. 


At Wavicle, we’re proud to work with leading cloud, data, and analytics partners. Our Director of Alliances, Matthew Osland, spearheads these relationships to build strong collaborative connections that benefit our partners, our clients, and our internal team members. As an experienced alliance leader, Matthew has a behind-the-scenes view into what’s on the horizon for best-in-class data and analytics technologies and how Wavicle can help businesses leverage these cutting-edge tools. 


Keep reading to get to know Matthew and learn more about what he sees coming next for data and analytics technologies.  


Q: How did you start your career in alliances? What excites you about this role?


A: I built my career in direct business development and fell into my first alliances role when company leadership asked me to consider the position. I wasn’t sure if they were asking or telling, so I took the role and fell in love with it – and never looked back.


What I’ve come to enjoy and what most excites me about the role is that alliances lift almost every organizational dimension. Of course, business development naturally comes to mind, but value creation is shared across marketing, delivery, talent, finance, and shareholders. When you activate each of these organizational levers, that cumulative value is passed on to our clients, who we help realize the full value of their technology investments and stay on the forefront of what’s possible in data and analytics. At the same time, I get to work with market-making cloud platforms and SaaS companies to compound this value across our shared ecosystem of clients and partners.


Q: How do you see our alliances helping our customers succeed?


A: There are certain advantages to strategic partnerships that allow us to bring a future-ready perspective to our customers. There are often options to innovate together, opportunities to collaborate between engineering teams, and chances to develop new industry solutions with our partners. Customers are the natural recipients of this collaboration, benefiting from accelerated business outcomes or rapid operationalizing of their technology investments.


Q: How does Wavicle make a difference for our alliance partners?


A: We are selectively aligned with the leading tech companies in the hyperscaler, cloud data platform, and SaaS spaces; where customers are making their cloud investments. This leads to a natural relationship between Wavicle, our partners, and our shared clients, with each party benefiting. It starts with how we help our customers by focusing on the delivery of business outcomes and anticipated return on investment (ROI) from strategy through build and operationalization. We work closely with our partners through every step of the customer journey to ensure the client benefits from our collective experience, creating a situation where what is good for the customer is good for us all.


We invest heavily in training and enablement for our alliance partners because it is important for our team to fully understand their depth of capabilities to bring maximum value to our customers. Turning those customers’ experiences into successes and showing them the impact on their business outcomes enabled by technology creates a flywheel effect for everyone.


Q: What’s next? What opportunities and innovations do you see coming in 2023?


A: If you look over the past two years in particular, our partners have put a greater emphasis on orienting their go-to-market strategies by industry. This aligns perfectly with Wavicle’s industry-focused practice model, presenting an ideal opportunity for deeper collaboration by industry and alignment in how we go to market.


There is a massive amount of value that we can drive. Wavicle’s teams bring specialized industry knowledge about what’s important to businesses, how to create meaningful ROI, and how to develop deep collaboration between IT, data analytics teams, and the business. This opens possibilities to drive innovation with new accelerators – like our Tableau-to-Amazon QuickSight Converter – and industry-focused solutions that can deliver real value to our clients.


I am excited to get to work with our partners on what comes next.



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