Modern Data Architecture Services

Wavicle’s modern data architecture services deliver game-changing, cloud-enabled scalability, self-service capability for democratized access, and faster time-to-market for new data products. As part of our data management services, we ensure that business clients have up-to-date, curated, cross-silo enterprise data that creates a single version of the truth.


While modern data architecture firms certainly require leading expertise in both business processes and cloud-based technology, Wavicle emphasizes to its customers that our data analytics architecture services are the three-legged stool supporting your people, processes, and technology. Wavicle develops and deploys data architecture frameworks that enable the people in your organization to succeed in leveraging these new processes and technology tools.


Wavicle’s modern data architecture experts, working on-site as a collaborative part of your client team, rapidly build, test, and calibrate your cloud-based big data platform architecture with sound change management principles built into the framework. Our proven approach helps your organization achieve a foundational, insight-driven business that can carry its successes forward throughout internal/external enterprise relationships and rapidly adapt/scale up for changing business requirements.


Our modern data architecture services are distinguished by:


  • Roadmaps and strategy – Lift-and-shift or cloud-native? Wavicle can help formulate the right strategy for your cloud migration efforts. Wavicle’s knowledge, based on “what good looks like” comes from practical experience with dozens of deployments. From the start, we work with your stakeholders to create a business-focused vision and strategy for your data and analytics. Then we develop business intelligence architectures based on those business requirements, backed up by the technology that will deliver the results your enterprise needs.
  • Accelerators – Wavicle builds and puts to use proprietary tools that automate time-consuming activities (e.g., SQL and ETL conversion, testing, and system management).
  • Local presence/global scale – our on-site experts are there to work closely with your team to understand the people, process, and technology challenges firsthand. Our offshore teams work hand-in-hand with on-site consultants to provide the right level of team depth, economy, and two-and three-shift coverage.
  • Design patterns, re-usable code, and frameworks – because this is all we do, we come to the project prepared with design patterns, frameworks, and, in many cases, code that is purpose-built for common industry challenges.
  • Built-in data privacy and security – these key features are built into our data architecture software frameworks from the ground up.
  • Containerized CI/CD and embedded analytics (e.g., ML and AI) are the norm.


Share information on a global scale, integrate growing volumes of data more effectively with machine learning-enabled processes, and build multi-tiered levels of decision support systems in a secure, well-governed enterprise infrastructure. Wavicle’s modern data architecture services are designed to help shift your operations toward leading-edge technologies and deliver the most responsible modernization and future flow of your business data to those who need it most—your people.

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