ETL Migration Services

Many data-intensive companies have thousands or even hundreds of thousands of hours invested into their ETL code base. Often this is where the heavy lifting happens.  Because Wavicle appreciates that embarking on an ETL conversion can be overwhelming, our ETL migration services are designed to dramatically reduce time and cost expenditures while increasing the quality control and manageability of the effort. Wavicle is the leading ETL migration firm with the expertise to accelerate your data analytics modernization initiatives in technologies that include ELT/ETL, On-Premise/Cloud, Teradata/Snowflake, and we’d love to help you. 

Our exceptional approach plays a key supporting role in helping your organization both effectively manage and simplify complex, difficult organizational modernization/migration initiatives through cutting-edge automation. Wavicle’s proprietary code profiling engine incorporates pattern recognition and machine learning to rapidly extract, inventory, rank, and create reports from accumulated metadata and development code on legacy ETL and SQL platforms.  On both current and future migration tasks, we can help you save big time and money when your enterprise needs to:

  • Change ETL technologies
  • Move from SQL to ETL or vice versa
  • Move from ETL to ELT or vice versa
  • Move from scripting to ETL or SQL 
  • Move from Teradata SQL to others’ SQL

Wavicle’s advanced conversion toolkit can automate 70-95% of the code conversion process, amplifying developers’ ability to rapidly target and adapt recognized patterns to new ones.  The result? Clean, consistent ETL/ELT code which follows appropriate naming conventions and encapsulates best-practice data mappings out of the box. Wavicle’s ETL migration experts provide your business the tools to improve the speed and delivery of complete, accurate information to your business users.

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