Data Engineering / Data Integration Services

Wavicle’s Data Engineering / Data Integration services focus on delivering data pipelines that are scalable, efficient, and robust.  To achieve the lowest total cost of ownership we are biased toward tool-enabled solutions. We understand that CI/CD is often required.  We leverage battle-tested design patterns and frameworks to get the job done right the first time. And we bring accelerators to get the job done fast.

Wavicle’s data engineers and data integration consultants possess exceptional problem-solving skills, data integration tool expertise (e.g., Talend and Databricks), SQL expertise, and high proficiencies in today’s advanced technology, including cloud data lakes using message-based, streaming, and batch data pipelines.  Our data engineers are also proud pipe layers, erecting the infrastructure and building crucial safeguards around your organization’s invaluable data pipeline. 

Wavicle data engineers are trained to incorporate these must-have requirements into all our work:

  • Cloud-enabled
  • Tool-enabled
  • Data privacy and security
  • Resiliency (automated re-start, recovery)
  • MPP (massively parallel processing)
  • Auditability
  • CI/CD
  • Standards-driven design and code

Wavicle’s data specialists provide nuts-and-bolts data engineering acumen supported by deep reservoirs of creativity and innovation, a formidable combination that offers your business a seamless flow of information on which you can build game-changing analytics and deliver more straightforward business intelligence to your business users.

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