AWS + Wavicle

Our job is to successfully solve virtually any challenge our clients throw our way, and AWS is the driving force in facilitating best-practice outcomes for many of our clients. With this in mind, Wavicle has purposefully built up, refined, and sharpened our expertise in all of AWS’ products and services in recent years, sustaining a leading-edge advantage as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Select Tier Consulting Partner in custom data, analytics, and cloud solutions.

In our role as an AWS partner, Wavicle’s system integrators and consultants rely on AWS’ developer-friendly array of Iaas/Paas frameworks, highly compatible, pre-packaged data products, and inherent scalability to help our customers of all sizes design, architect, migrate, and/or build new applications on AWS. Organizations residing in many of today’s more competitive industry sectors—finance, healthcare, retail, CPG, restaurant, and manufacturing, for example—trust that Wavicle’s experience and success in leveraging AWS’ time-tested products and cloud-based service modules can help your business jumpstart the development and maturation of your cloud-based, data-driven enterprise:

Wavicle considers Amazon Web Services to be a gold standard in best-practice cloud computing—more enterprises pick Amazon Redshift than any other cloud data warehouse. We also recognize the continuous merits AWS technology and support services bring to our own table, underpinning the high standard of service we consistently offer our customers. Our team welcomes AWS’ continued commitment to focus on helping partners like Wavicle build successful AWS-based businesses to drive superb customer experiences.