Data Management Vendor And Tool Selection Software


Wavicle’s vendor and tool selection  services for data management and migration initiatives are a natural progression of the due diligence our teams regularly perform when selecting new vendors and technologies to accomplish our clients’ objectives. On every engagement we undertake, we help our clients to shortlist the industry-leading options to minimize risk and maximize reward.


From its inception, Wavicle’s work has relied on software and tools from an enormous, ever-expanding pool of software vendors and tools. Presented with an ideal opportunity to formally cultivate and maintain a growing Wavicle library of these vendors and advanced tools, we’ve built our tool and vendor selection consulting services  around taking full advantage of this comprehensive knowledge base. Working with your business stakeholders to instill and execute a methodical, non-biased approach to your vendor selection system, Wavicle’s tool and vendor selection services and consultants work closely with your organization to:


  • Develop and analyze your requirements: Create a business stakeholder and evaluation team to analyze and document a checklist of product or service requirements, technical business requirements, and vendor requirements


  • Conduct vendor search: Compile, evaluate, and refine the potential vendor list, send requests for information (RFI), and create a shortlist of appropriate data management tools or vendors.


  • Complete the RFQ/RFP process: Develop and manage RFQ/RFPs that include a  business overview and background, detailed specifications, assumptions and constraints, terms and conditions, and selection criteria.


  • Evaluate proposals and finalize vendor selection: Review, chart out, and assign values for requirements responses; calculate total scores; select the best-fit data management vendor or tool; and begin negotiations.


Our tool and vendor evaluation services are calibrated to ensure your business stakeholders, who have the most to gain or lose from this crucial exercise, can separate the sound from the noise through a well-managed tool selection process. Key takeaways include non-biased recommendations and more informed direction when choosing the right tools to propel your organization toward success in an ever-changing technology landscape.

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