Big Data, Cloud and Analytics

Wavicle Data Solutions’ approach is to provide tailored solutions that meet the customer’s need, for every project, every time. Because successful project outcomes are our goal we are completely tool and technology agnostic. This drives our analysts, developers, and architects to stay current on the latest technologies in big data, cloud and analytics.

We embrace the knowledge that the technology and tools for data storage and analysis will continue to evolve. Our promise is to continue to enrich our skills and services along with these technologies and tools so we are always ready to assist our customers now and in the future.

Implementing modern data tools and technologies is frequently a transition from traditional technologies, not necessarily a complete shift to new frameworks. Wavicle maintains a deep knowledge of existing systems that allows us to support the in-place solutions while helping enterprise’s transition to the greater functionality and flexibility that comes with new technologies.

We also understand and are here to help with those technologies that are wholly new – things like machine learning, automation, and so forth – that our customer’s have a driving need to adopt to stay competitive.

The list of solutions is ever changing as new tools are introduced and new technologies replace existing one. Below is only a sample of the technology space in which Wavicle has expertise. If you’re interested in a specific technology or tool, contact us. We’re happy to discuss how we can help.

Our team is driven and rewarded to stay current on the latest technologies in Big Data, Cloud and Analytics.

  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Visualization Technologies
  • Big Data Technologies and Platform
  • Cloud Platforms
  • Machine Learning and Automation Frameworks