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Data Health Check and Refactor Performance

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence has expanded beyond the boundaries of IT into the greater business ecosystem. Your business users are leveraging analytic solutions and dashboard reporting to gain a greater understanding of what your company data can tell them, while at the same time they are pushing for the adoption of new technologies like Big Data and Machine Learning. Are your current solutions up to the increased demand?

With a Data Health Check, Wavicle can audit your existing solution and the ways it’s being used in your organization today, as well as gain an understanding of what you’ll need in the near future. From there, we measure your systems against a set of checks and complete a gap analysis to ensure your data solutions are performant against the business needs.

Once the analysis is done, Wavicle provides recommendations for any performance refactoring needed to get your systems working optimally for how your business uses the technologies and tools. We can also help implement these recommendations, working closely with your in-house infrastructure teams and architects to ensure your enterprise achieves optimal levels of stabilization and performance.