big data adoption
Big Data Adoption

The dawn of the digital age began a revolution in data acquisition and retention. Companies are able to collect more information about every conceivable aspect of their business – customer data, buying trends, demographic information, pricing, and more. Now we’re adding more data points from machine learning results and Internet of Things (IoT) data, giving broader visibility into every corner of the enterprise.

The problem is no longer getting data. The problem is what to do with it and how to turn it into actionable insights that become business differentiators. Wavicle Data Solutions can help you understand everything from the most effective architecture for your data stores to leveraging the data analytics to pull out deep and meaningful insights.

To be able to derive the most value from this data you need a big data framework to meet your business needs.  Does your current data solution provide you the flexibility to meet the demands of your data? Should you consider a Hadoop implementation? What does a data migration to a big data solution entail? These are all questions that the experts at Wavicle can help answer for your specific organizational requirements.

To truly gain the most from your data you must understand what it’s trying to tell you. Using advanced data analytics techniques, Wavicle’s data analysts can help you gain ground in your industry by gaining a complete picture of your customer by pulling together your existing customer information with social media data, browser logs, and IoT sensor data. Predictive modeling can help you understand when your company should pivot or uncover previously untapped revenue streams.

Wavicle can show you the value locked within your big data with rapidly developed MVP’s  (Minimally Viable Products) that show immediate value. With analytics part of your company culture, your organization can set itself ahead of your competition.