Robotic Process Automation Data Analytics

In most industries, automating processes within cloud-native environments has enormous potential business value. However, justifying the cost of more expensive solutions, like API-based automation, for example, is fast becoming a harder sell for companies with limited budgets and finite IT resources. Wavicle’s robotic process automation (RPA) consultants have a better way—leveraging leading-edge RPA technology to help your business lower operating costs, increase flexibility, improve process accuracy, and promote more effective collaboration between your business and IT.


Beyond most RPA companies, Wavicle’s deep enterprise RPA process development experience allows companies to better conceptualize and develop process optimization initiatives from a business user perspective, rather than a primarily IT perspective. Our RPA consulting engagements target functions across the entire spectrum of your business landscape, including but not limited to:


  • Help desk support: With RPA solutions, you can introduce truly effective automation into help desk processes, leveraging data and machine learning to accurately route inputs, manage processes, and provide effective responses to customers and clients.
  • Staff onboarding: Robotic process automation solutions can ease the labor-intensive process of onboarding staff, handling rote data entry tasks and processes such as account creation, permissions assignments, org chart updates, and more.
  • New customer account creation/modification: By integrating an RPA platform into your customer service and management framework, you can automate the time-intensive processes of new customer account creation, as well as managing customer account modification requests and notifications.
  • Accounts payable/receivable: Tedious A/P and A/R processes can be streamlined by strategically leveraging RPA data analytics to ensure accurate approvals, rejections, inquiries, reviews, and payments.
  • Supply chain and inventory: With robotic process automation solutions, you can use the vast amount of data at your disposal — both micro and macro — to more effectively visualize supply chain and inventory forecasting, processes, and solutions. Increase your negotiating leverage and build stronger partnerships by using data and automation to assess supplier performance and inventory needs.
  • Merging separate ERP systems due to business acquisitions: Systems merging can be one of the most difficult components of acquisitions and integrations. With RPA, you can quickly and accurately clean and standardize data, implementing unified, integrated systems much more easily.
  • Finance and cyclical bookkeeping: Machine learning and historical data can be leveraged to ensure efficient and accurate bookkeeping and finance processes, alerting you to potential errors, risks, opportunities, and more.
  • Master data management (MDM): With security an important concern now more than ever, MDM is increasingly a critical — and time-consuming — need for organizations. RPA can automate these processes, yielding benefits in onboarding, risk management and attenuation, profile setup and modification, permissioning, and more.
  • Systems administration: Across-the-board benefits in systems administration can be accessed by introducing smart, effective automation through RPA, freeing up high-value technical personnel for higher-impact tasks and yielding knock-on efficiency and productivity benefits within IT organizations and beyond.


Successful enterprise RPA solutions require due diligence in constructing a solid architectural framework that can scale to support and drive new automation further. Working with your IT organization, we are committed to getting it right the first time, expanding your existing architectures to meet the new demands these processes will inevitably have on existing data frameworks, APIs, scripts, or processes.


Creating and modifying automated processes should result in the improved scalability, reliability, security, and manageability of your data. Wavicle’s approach to enterprise RPA solutions is intended to take these goals further to help your business shift into an even higher, more productive gear. Our RPA engagements empower the ultimate business users with more control over their automation, with the capability to modify RPA processes themselves as business needs change, minimizing IT involvement while speeding up problem resolution.

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