CPG And Retail Data Analytics Consulting

In today’s fluctuating global marketplace, retail and CPG businesses have an enormous competitive stake in gaining accurate, timely business insights.


As a result, strong retail data management is critical. Companies can’t afford to fall behind as both consumers and stakeholders expect businesses to meet their evolving expectations for on-time, on-demand goods and services.


For many businesses, however, robust retail data analytics remains a challenge. From issues with on-premises, siloed data to the rapidly expanding volume, variety, and velocity of data, enterprises often find themselves struggling to keep up instead of getting ahead. And this effect compounds over time; the farther back businesses fall, the harder it becomes to catch up.


Wavicle can help. We work closely with our expanding retail and CPG clientele to capture, cleanse, integrate, and analyze enormous volumes of customer and trade data to ensure your analytics drive business success.

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Get insight fast with retail data analytics

Our CPG and retail data analytics consultants can help your business rapidly develop and deploy analytics that foster both insight and business process improvements. This speed is critical in a rapidly changing retail world. If businesses can’t get the insights they need when they need them, they’re left taking best guesses about what happens next — and if they get it wrong, the results can be time-consuming and costly.


But speed alone isn’t enough. At Wavicle, we also recognize the need for data accuracy and consistency. It makes sense: Fast decision-making only offers benefits when the data used to drive these decisions is accurate, timely, and accessible. To help retail and CPG companies make the most of their analytics effort, we use advanced cloud migration strategies to build and maintain enterprise data lakes and data warehouses that store your enterprise’s data, whatever the source.


Your data– whether it comes from point-of-sale systems, web tracking, customer reviews, or elsewhere – can  fuel reports and dashboards that offer insight into trade promotion analytics, supply chain improvements, demand and labor forecasting, logistics analytics, procurement analytics, and much more.

Go from guesswork to precision marketing


Wavicle’s modern data architectures and cloud migration technology consultants provide our retail/CPG customers the virtual means to scale up rapidly and add marketing, competitive, and predictive analytics that boost the bottom line. Let our consultants provide the 21st-century infrastructure that allows your team to:


  • Automate web-based target marketing to better engage customers and boost sales conversion rates
  • Spot and respond to new trends with better product offerings
  • Create promotions that reflect specific demographics and locations
  • Build and enhance customer loyalty programs


In other words, Wavicle makes it possible to remove much of the guesswork from data analytics in retail. By expanding your field of view with accurate and actionable data insight, your marketing and sales teams can better predict industry trends and take steps to make the most of changing conditions. For example, in-depth analytics might show an expected uptick in demand for a particular product, allowing you to preemptively ensure you have enough inventory on hand and have the right logistics infrastructure in place.

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Ready to embrace cutting-edge CPG and retail data solutions?

In a retail and CPG world that runs on the cloud and depends on data, you need analytics solutions capable of keeping up. On-premises options have been outpaced by the rapidly changing nature of data sources, making a data-driven, cloud-native approach to retail and CPG data management critical to both short- and long-term success.


At Wavicle, we’re committed to helping you build data analytics frameworks that deliver actionable real-time insights — without sacrificing accuracy or increasing complexity.



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