In today’s fluctuating global marketplace, Wavicle’s Retail and CPG customers have an enormous competitive stake in gaining accurate, timely business insights from social competitive data and customer-centric sentiment analyses.

Wavicle works closely with our expanding Retail and CPG clientele to capture, cleanse, integrate and analyze enormous volumes of customer and trade data to ensure your analytics promote business success.

Robust insights, really fast

Our CPG and Retail data analytics consultants can help your business rapidly develop and deploy analytics that foster both insight and business process improvements.

Using advanced cloud migration strategies, we build and maintain enterprise data lakes and data warehouses that store both your enterprise’s POS data and voice-of-the consumer data from multiple sources.

These robust data sources can be used to build dashboards so you can get insights into trade promotion analytics, supply chain improvements, demand and labor forecasting, logistics analytics and procurement analytics.

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From guesswork to marketing that does work

Wavicle’s modern data architectures and cloud migration technology provides our Retail/CPG customers the virtual means to scale up and add marketing, competitive, and predictive analytics without investing in new servers or software to store and manage growing data assets. Let our team provide the 21st century infrastructure that allows your creative team to:

  • Automate web-based target marketing to better engage customers and boost sales conversion rates
  • Spot and respond to new trends with better product offerings
  • Create promotions that reflect specific demographics, locations
  • Build or enhance customer loyalty programs
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Ready to take a data-driven approach to your pressing CPG or Retail questions?

Wavicle’s data analytics consultants can help you build a flexible, fast data management strategy to address your current and future business challenges.

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