Quick Service Restaurant Chain


We were engaged to help build a solution to measure the Test to Market (TTM) Initiatives of the client. The TTM initiatives are run by the client to understand customer trends. Data analytics in traditional BI took a lot of chains to move and deliver the KPM's for the business to look at. Traditional BI processes could not keep up with the ever changing parameters and required constant data modeling & ETL changes for each TTM. This was not cost effective or efficient.

Our solution used Unstructured (No SQL) data, Big Data Technologies, and visualization tools to deliver business value; our solution involved capture of every single keystroke in the POS (cash registers) in XML format, transporting it (MSMQ), loading it in SQL-MR Database (Aster), using Map Reduce programs to analyze trends or answer specific Business questions, and using visualization tools (Tableau, MicroStrategy) to deliver KPM. The KPMs delivered were

  • Enablement of self-serve reports for business insights
  • A clear Framework for TTM measurement.

The solution showed substantial improvement (87%) in efficiency of data analytics delivery

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