On-Premises to Cloud Migration Services

On-premises to cloud migration services are the cornerstone of what we do as professional data analytics consultants. A large percentage of our cloud migration professionals are at the forefront of on-premises to cloud innovations.


For cloud migrations, Wavicle brings project accelerators that reduce the time and cost of your project by automating design, coding, testing, and management activities. Our reference architectures provide field-tested, actionable starting points that enable our consultants to hit the ground running. We’re a top partner of the industry’s best data integration, data visualization, and cloud database providers.


Wavicle understands that what were once “edge cases” are now table stakes: data security and privacy, CI/CD, infrastructure-as-a-service, all types of data (structured, semi-structured, non-structured), all types of interfaces (message-based, streaming, batch), and embedded analytics (e.g., ML and AI models). At the same time, we understand that auditability, reliability, and data quality are non-negotiable.


The value of Wavicle’s cloud migrations is a direct result of our capability to execute what many consider to be an intimidating effort with a proven strategy that achieves business transformation in weeks rather than months. Wavicle’s talented on-premises to cloud migration consulting teams have built a remarkably effective methodology over the years to help organizations quickly transform traditional, on-premises business and technical operations into a higher functioning 21st-century model that includes:


  • Data lakes: Moving from on-premises data storage to cloud-based data lakes makes it possible to streamline the storage, processing, and security of large-volume data sets. At Wavicle, our teams have the combination of cloud and on-premises expertise you need to make this shift possible.
  • Data warehouses: Data warehouses are a must-have for companies focused on business intelligence (BI) and analytics. Making the move from an on-premises platform to a cloud data warehouse solution offers a way to deliver on the business value of big data analytics.
  • Delta lakes: To help mitigate the complexity of managing large-scale data lakes, many companies now deploy open-source delta lake storage layers capable of providing ACID transactions, scalable metadata handling, and unified batch processing. Applied at scale, delta lakes can help improve security and performance for data lakes.
  • Sandboxes: The isolated, virtual environments of sandboxes offer the ideal testing ground for new software. Migration from on-premises to cloud sandboxing offers multiple benefits such as the ability to use URLs and downloads and the elimination of local server requirements.
  • Data marts: The partitioned nature of data marts within larger data warehouses makes them ideal for specific information delivery to a specified group of users. In the cloud, these dart marts can make the best use of distributed resources to provide on-demand data access.
  • Data ingestion systems: Data ingestion systems are typically the first part of the shift from on-premises to cloud solutions. Rather than transporting data into local servers and then moving it again — and again — as required by line-of-business objectives, cloud-based systems make it possible to ingest data once but deploy it across multiple use cases.
  • Data hubs: Data hubs are designed to streamline the flow of data across your organization by providing frictionless data flow. The fixed nature of on-premises solutions, however, naturally creates an operational obstacle. Moving to the cloud can help empower data hubs at scale.
  • Dashboards: Cloud-based dashboards not only make it possible for staff to access key data on-demand but are also continuously updated to provide a holistic view of distributed IT environments.
  • Reports: With significant advances in cloud security solutions, an on-premises to cloud migration can offer reporting options that include both data protection and high performance.


Our cloud migration consultants and engineers are ready to get to work to help your organization become a more competitive player in today’s digitized multi-channel, multi-cloud, social-media-native, e-commerce world. By taking advantage of our large talent pool of on-premises to cloud migration consultants, your business avoids costly in-house allocation of staff and internal IT resources and minimizes disruptions to ongoing sales and operations.


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