Wavicle helps clients in the Healthcare – from health insurers to health providers to medical supply and pharma companies – create new cloud data architectures that offer a faster, more complete view of their enterprise data.

A healthier approach to data management

You, like all of our Healthcare clients, store vast amounts of disparate data from a wide range of sources—private HIPAA-restricted patient information, clinical trial data, medical manufacturing data, for example. This poses a specific set of data engineering challenges.

Our approach employs modernized data architectures to build and sustain enterprise data lakes for raw data, supplemented with data warehouses as needed for more structured healthcare data.

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A data-driven strategy drives better business and patient outcomes

Using AI-based pattern recognition and advanced big data solutions that feed into enterprise-class dashboards and reports, Wavicle data engineers help solve persistent business intelligence issues in your enterprise with innovative solutions that include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Patient outcome-driven payment models
  • Improved patient engagement
  • More nimble supply chain management
  • Improved clinical trial data sets
  • 360-degree view of patients
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Our list of groundbreaking applications for the healthcare sector continues to grow. Wavicle’s healthcare data and analytics consultants is ready to help your enterprise attain more fully formed, data-driven functionality, faster data access, more targeted analytics, and improved near-real time insights.

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