A global quick service restaurant (QSR) partnered with Wavicle Data Solutions to optimize the performance of its third-party food delivery partners in 40 markets across five continents.

Without insight into the performance of its growing food delivery function, the QSR faced numerous potential risks: running out of inventory for popular menu items, staffing shortages, late deliveries, and poor customer reviews. Left unchecked, these issues could swell into larger problems, impacting revenue and consumer brand loyalty. The QSR realized that an intelligence solution was critical for financial success in a highly competitive market.

Wavicle implemented a solution that transformed disparate data into valuable visualized metrics on the complete lifecycle of food delivery operations. As a result, QSR operators have access to key analytics at a macro-level, giving them the ability to dive into details, resolve specific issues, and optimize food delivery performance. The QSR now attributes food delivery as a key driver of global growth.

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