Enterprise Data Lakes and Data Warehouse Solutions

Wavicle’s enterprise data lake consulting and data warehouse migration services leverage advanced technology to vastly improve the security, organizational flow, and business value of your data assets. Wavicle brings its toolkit of enterprise data warehouse tools and strategies that include project accelerators and frameworks that get the job done elegantly, quickly, and economically.


With the support of our technology partners, Wavicle’s enterprise data lake strategy consultants develop and maintain best-in-class data lakes for businesses to integrate, manage, analyze, and share growing volumes of data within their cloud-based enterprises.


Data-driven organizations that depend on timely, accurate information require data governance and data quality management. With this in mind, Wavicle data engineers quickly establish and maintain reliability, organization, and consistency through enterprise data lake solutions so end users can quickly search, find, and trust the data they need. Using our proprietary accelerators, Wavicle’s data lake and enterprise data warehouse strategy services help leading companies:


  • Build cloud-based organizational data lakes and data warehouse environments customized for your specific business prerequisites
  • Quickly introduce new data sources into your enterprise
  • Preserve the security, integrity, clarity, and timeliness of your data
  • Apply appropriate governance features and compliance rules within a secure environment
  • Execute cloud migration and ETL processes simultaneously to store and prepare data assets for analytics-ready applications across your entire organization
  • Provide data conversion, management, and curation from a broad range of data sources on an ongoing basis


Wavicle’s expert enterprise data warehouse services can give your business clean data channels ready for integration, analysis, visualization, and reporting. We help you control the flow of your information, prioritize safe data access, and discover new opportunities for creative, data-driven solutions that intelligently advance your business.


Working with key partners like Talend and Databricks, Wavicle is pioneering the use of delta lakes to break-through traditional limitations of data lakes on large data volumes.


We have more than 500 consultants, data architects, cloud engineers, and developers dedicated to serving our clients. They build cost-effective, right-fit solutions that leverage our deep understanding of current and cutting-edge data and analytics technology and frameworks.


When partnering with us, you can count on round-the-clock project support from our local, near-shore, and off-shore teams to help you ramp up and deploy solutions faster and at a fraction of the cost. Get in touch today to learn more about our enterprise data warehouse solutions.

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