Custom data and analytics solutions

At Wavicle, we specialize in analytics, cloud, and big data solutions that drive smarter decisions and stronger companies. When your business demands faster access to more data, count on us for scalable, flexible architectures; fast data integration; and predictive analytics. Get more value from your data than ever.


Vision and Strategy

With experience across many industries, we craft a business-focused vision and strategy for data and analytics.


Analytics Framework

We deliver business intelligence architectures based on business needs for data, backed up by the technology to deliver.


Big Data Adoption

Data management solutions to capture, store, and analyze growing volumes of dynamic data.


Machine Learning and AI

Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to get faster, more accurate insights from massive volumes of data.


Cloud Migration

Lift-and-shift or cloud-native? Wavicle can help formulate the right strategy for your cloud migration efforts.


Data Health Performance

Understand how the business uses data and analytics solutions so you can identify gaps and improve performance.

Ahead of the technology curve

Whether it's Hadoop, AWS, MicroStrategy, Snowflake, Redshift, Talend or others, you can count on our team of architects, developers, and data specialists to make big-data and cloud technologies work for you. We invest heavily to stay ahead of the technology curve through ongoing training, certifications, and proofs of concept.


Big data platforms, data warehousing, and data integration


Business intelligence, predictive analytics, and visualization technologies


Cloud platforms


Machine learning and automation frameworks

Driving innovation

We embrace the fact that technology and tools for data storage, data integration, business intelligence, and analytics will always evolve. Our mission is to continually enrich Wavicle's skills and services along with these technologies and tools so we can provide the most useful and insightful counsel. We also understand and are here to help with cutting edge technologies, such as machine learning and automation, which provide our clients with an innovative and competitive edge.

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