About Wavicle

Wavicle Data Solutions delivers big data and analytics solutions that help global organizations achieve data-driven business results. Our expert staff is 100% focused on knowing everything there is to know about modern data, cloud, and analytics technologies and how they can be used to drive current and predictive insights about your business. From strategy through execution, we have proven that we can deliver in any environment, blending traditional and emerging technologies that fuel smarter decisions and stronger companies.

Wavicle’s process, whether we are architecting a big data solution in the cloud or developing statistical or predictive analytics, is always collaborative. We begin by understanding a client’s existing data landscape and the challenges they are looking to solve, then work closely with clients to craft the right solution.

Increasingly, those solutions leverage technologies in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and automation to strengthen insights about customer behavior, retail sales, customer service, and many other functions of today’s business.  Wavicle has the expertise to initiate or expand your use of machine learning and automation to improve your business.

Our team is made up of highly motivated, industry leading experts. True data technologists, their capability to easily adapt to leading technologies is enabled by their depth of experience in traditional applications, frameworks and tools.

Our mission is to provide business insights for your business growth

Where Wavicle Excels

  • Our team members stay on the cutting edge to help customers navigate new technologies.
  • Collaboration with customers is a core value. We never force a solution that isn’t the right fit.
  • We build functional MVP’s (Minimally Viable Products) to rapidly prove value while moving customers forward.
  • Projects are agile, giving our customers a voice in the process while maintaining the ability to pivot with changing business needs.
  • We tailor data solutions that lay the foundation for our customer’s future needs.
  • We leverage a mirrored onshore-offshore model of technically skilled resources that aligns top talent with projects to optimize budgets and deliver faster.