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Understand Customer Trends & Drive Restaurant Chain Revenue

Frequently changing customer behavior & their preference in Food Industry makes Tracking and Analysis of Data Essential cope up with the changes better and provide great deliverables. This is where Big Data comes into the picture. Restaurants & Food Chains can use Big Data to examine the monetary effect & collect reviews of newly launched products that includes – food items, new menu, latest technologies, and food delivery process to read audience behavior in real time. Provide better customer servicing, track traffic and locating areas where a bulk of crowd is based that uses these features in a better way. Scrutinization of this information can enhance the performance of restaurants bringing out great results to serve the customers.


Minimize Supply Chain Cost with Insightful Analysis of Data

Big data analytics helps companies in the food service industry to understand customer needs and preferences by obtaining real time information about consumers, products, brand, and competitors. The food and beverage manufacturers can use these insights in new product development, product launch, reducing food wastage, and menu improvement based on customer responses. The pivotal part of the food service industry is the supply chain, operations, and its security. Big data integration enables companies to reduce waste, minimize supply chain costs, and improve the overall efficiency of the organization.


Make smart, data-driven decisions

we help companies translate their data into meaningful and actionable information

About Wavicle

Wavicle’s driving purpose is to help these organizations craft custom data solutions focused on Big Data, Cloud and Analytics. Solutions that help companies gain deep insights from their data that position them to make today’s business decisions and gives them the knowledge to predict future trends.

Wavicle’s process, whether we are architecting a big data solution in the cloud or developing statistical or predictive analytics, is always collaborative. We begin by understanding a client’s existing data landscape and the challenges they are looking to solve, then work closely with clients to craft the right solution.

Case Study

Quick Service Restaurant Chain

The solution showed substantial improvement (87%) in efficiency of data analytics delivery.